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Cat Trapped in Newly Built Staircase

Occurred on January 16, 2018 / Norway

Info from Licensor: "I came home from work happy to see that the stairs inside was finally finished. After a short while, we started to look for our cat. After we moved he doesn't like being outside, so I was sure he was indoor. I called his name 'Sverre' many times and after a while heard a weak meow. My kids Julie, 4 and Mikkel, 7 years old was at home as well, and when we realized the sound came from inside the stairs they started crying right away. I tried to calm them, but they were very scared. It was very difficult to open the planks, as it was very solid built steps! My husband was on the mountain, so I called a friend and neighbor and asked if he could come help us. Shortly after he arrived with a drill to open the wall of the stairs. After 45 min or so, we finally got him out. he was very stressed and tried to help us make the whole bigger. Very happy it ended well! He was in there for 5 hours, so I could have ended very differently. So glad he replied when I called his name! He must have gone to check out the area under the stairs when the carpenter was outside to cut the planks for the stairs. Sverre, the cat, was very cozy after getting out!"
Location Norway
Occurred Jan-16-2018
Posted By Henriette Kleppan
Posted On Jan-22-2018


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