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Car Rental Agent Professionally Deals With Difficult Customer

Occurred on September 29, 2022 / Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: The customer came in to rent a car in Laurinburg, NC last Thursday. Everything was good to go but we get to the end of the transaction and I ask for her debit card for the deposit. She tells me that she doesn’t have $50 on her card but she can go put money in her account. I was the only employee at the store for the day so I shut the store down for a few minutes to run her to the bank. We get back to the store to do the translation again and she tries to hand me $50 cash. I inform her that we don’t accept any type of cash payment. She then accuses me of saying that I told her we do accept cash and then says “you’re really starting to piss me off” and then asks if she can call her sister and have her give her debit card number over the phone and I informed her that I can’t do that either for fraud reasons. She then she says “you have a smart ass remark for every thing I say. If you were boyfriend I would beat your ass for talking like that”. That’s is when I went back inside and began recording. She left after the video.
Location Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By William Knotts
Posted On Oct-5-2022