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Trying to Rescue a Dazed Deer Suffering from Head Injury and Infection

Occurred on November 17, 2020 / Tonawanda, New York, USA

Info from Licensor: Received a call from the local police department, a buck was found wandering in a busy plaza parking lot. After sedation and transportation to my facility, I found two old puncture wounds more than likely from fighting another buck. The wounds were badly infected and being near ears, eyes, and brain caused his disoriented mannerism. I treated him for a few days but unfortunately, the infection was too far gone. I’m grateful he was given a chance but passed comfortably and safely. The outcome may have been worse if left in the parking lot.

Location Tonawanda, New York, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Leondra Scherer
Posted On Dec-21-2020