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Bird Feeding Bear

Occurred on July 12, 2017 / Oviedo, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "At 6:25 am A friend and I were out in my front yard and seen a bear running from the street to my neighbor's backyard. We went inside my house to look in the backyard and the bear was in my backyard checking out the bird feeder. He started eating out of it while standing up. He then squatted down and just bent the metal pole over while continuing to eat out of the feeder. After a while, he then sat with both legs stretched out in front of him and finally laid down to finish all the sunflower seeds just bending the pole further so he could reach it. When the bear finished he went to the back privacy fence, which was missing one slat, reached up and pulled another slat off and squeezed the opening."

Occurred Jul-12-2017
Posted By Sheila Wheeler
Posted On Jul-24-2017