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Inside a Mercedes C63 AMG Crashing at High Speed

Occurred on May 7, 2016 / Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I was involved in a high speed single motor vehicle accident early morning May 7, 2016 after being out with one of my friends for the evening. Intoxicated, we accepted a drive from an acquaintance of my friend who offered to take us for breakfast at a nearby restaurant - a 1.6 km drive. We left the pub at 1:40 am. In no time, the Mercedes AMG C63 was reaching speeds of 180 km/hr before the driver lost complete control. The vehicle went through a set of post offices boxes before cutting a telephone pole off at the base and crashing into an elm tree at a confirmed speed of 114 km/hr. I was ejected on impact, crushing my head between the headrest and roof of the car as the vehicle caught on fire. I was trapped for 25 minutes while they extinguished the fire, and used the Jaws of Life to cut me out. We were in the car for less than 4 minutes in total...unfortunately I did not have my seat belt on. Luckily, everyone survived. Police/blood have confirmed that the driver was alcohol/drug free. He has since changed his plea from not guilty to guilty on two counts of Dangerous driving causing bodily harm - he may not receive jail time.
The video begins as we are discussing the driver offering to pay for our meal".

Location Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Occurred May-7-2016
Posted On Feb-14-2017