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Creepy Guys Try to Entice a Kid

Occurred on December 19, 2019 / Riverton, Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "Tonight we had a scary situation with Grayden. He was headed home from basketball practice (2 houses away), when 2 guys in a white or light-colored 4 door sedan, kept trying to talk to him while offering something and asked him to get in the car. They ended up turning around and following him down the street. The car was headed east, then west then back east again. All while trying to entice. He did awesomely and ran home yelling and grabbing rocks along the way. Sadly, our front door was locked, so Grayden ran over to our immediate next-door neighbor's house, ran straight in their front door and locked the door behind him."

Location Riverton, Utah, USA
Occurred Dec-19-2019
Posted By Kristin V. Dowland
Posted On Jan-9-2020