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Dirt Bike Riders Cut Through Tunnel

Occurred on September 3, 2023 / Brazil

Info from Licensor: "The video was recorded during a motorcycle trail with several pilot friends. The pilot in front is my friend Eduardo, who discovered this tunnel that is below a new bridge, built to connect a recently built condominium to another road in the administrative region of Itapoã to the Paranoá region. The place is known as Sobradinho dos Melos and there runs a trickle of water, which goes down to Lake Paranoá, famous in the Federal District. To preserve the passage of water, this concrete pipe was installed, which we went inside of in the video, coming out on the other side with a scratched helmet and wet boots, but unharmed, without any problems. There are a lot of rocks at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, but we were able to get in and out with some ease due to our riding experience. Most of my colleagues took another route to avoid going through the tunnel."

Location Brazil
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Posted By Bruno Cavedal
Posted On Nov-11-2023


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