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Ignorant Woman Disrespects Veteran and His Service Dog

Occurred on September 15, 2017 / Delaware City, Delaware, USA

Info from Licensor: "My Mom owns the restaurant, Kathy's Crab House. The lady called about food three times before she came in. When the three of them arrived, the women, her boyfriend and her child, sat down to eat. She complained about the food, and he complimented it. Months in advance, Bill and Janet, our friends, had reserved the deck for friends here to stop by and visit with them. Bill can't handle crowds due to his PTSD, so he was sitting at an inside table with JP, the service dog, and talking with a few friends. When the woman was done eating, she proceeded to try and argue with me on why everything was so disgusting. Then she mentioned the 'disgusting dog' and the other waitress went out to get Bill's wife, Janet, so she could explain the ADA laws concerning service dogs. The lady would have none of it, and she started screaming. Then all of her family came in to see what was going on, and that's where the video picks up. It's really sad, because at the end of it, Bill could not even form words he was so shaken. He and his family have suffered many injuries due to his service. They did not deserve this."

Location Delaware City, Delaware, USA
Occurred Sep-15-2017
Posted On Sep-19-2017