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Rescuing A Cat Behind The Microwave

Occurred on February 5, 2024 / Boiro, Galicia, Spain

Info from Licensor: "We just moved to a new house (Martí, my partner; Yumi, my kitten; and me). My partner and I went shopping at the supermarket and when we returned home she was very surprised that Yumi did not come to greet us at the entrance. We called her and she quickly meowed at us from the kitchen. We went and we didn't see her, until we saw her behind the microwave, inside the furniture. We looked at how she had been able to get in to get it out as well, or to get out on her own but we saw that everything was closed. Martí climbed on the counter and saw that there was a hole at the top of the furniture. We deduced that she had entered there. It was narrow, so we understood that it was not easy to get out of it, it was also deep and neither of us could reach it. We tried her toys to see if she would jump and she would come out, but nothing. One option to remove it was to unscrew and dismantle some parts that surround the microwave, but we did not have tools. Martí went to his neighbor's house and asked her for a screwdriver. This way we were able to disassemble the pieces and remove it safe and sound. We trusted that she wouldn't do it again, since she was inside for quite a while (aside from the time we were out shopping), so we didn't cover the hole or anything. The surprise was the next day that she did it again. Now everything is well covered."

Location Boiro, Galicia, Spain
Occurred not known
Posted On Feb-8-2024