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Kangaroo Joey Shows Dog Who's Boss

Occurred on December 5, 2018 / Boston, South Australia, Australia

Info from Licensor: "This video was taken when one of our little Western Grey joeys was too little to be outside with the bigger kangaroos here at Pumpkins Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary. In the state of South Australia where we live, it is illegal to release rescued joeys. So once you make a decision to rescue a joey, they must stay in the care of a licensed carer for life. As our dog Zarla has been part of our family for 14 years, it is important that she accepts the joeys for their safety and our peace of mind. As the video shows, she is a gentle carer and has a beautiful bond with our joeys while they are little until they move out to the sanctuary."

Location Boston, South Australia, Australia
Occurred Nov-24-2018
Posted By Kim Lesley Haywood
Posted On Apr-8-2019