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12-Minute Parking Job

Occurred on April 20, 2016 / Minneapolis, MN, USA

Info From Licensor: "Bill Huskamp, my husband, and his coworker, Derek, were working on the new Vikings' Stadium and noticed this person attempting to park for several minutes in this particular spot. He decided to record as she was taking so long, was doing so spectacularly poorly, and was so set on parking in that one spot. As you can tell from the audio, they became concerned for her welfare and were shocked at how long this went on. At the end, she left the car as if nothing abnormal had happened and Bill and Derek gave her a round of applause. This happened on the corner of 6th St. & Bud Grant Way." - Kristin K. Huskamp

Location Minneapolis, MN, USA
Occurred Apr-20-2016
Posted By Bill M Huskamp jr
Posted On Apr-25-2016