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Boy Can't Resist King Size Reese's Bars

Occurred on October 31, 2021 / Berlin, Connecticut, USA

Info from Licensor: "With Halloween being canceled due to Covid last year, I decided to get king-size candies for this year's trick-or-treating. I had to take my kiddo's trick-o-treating, so I couldn’t be home to give out candy. I left a big bowl out filled with the assorted king-size candies and put it right in front of my ring doorbell. Once I returned home I decided to look through the videos of the trick o treaters, then I came across one that stood out the most! The Reese’s loving trick-or-treating Dominic. His reaction was priceless the second he laid eyes on the king-size Reeses! 'Yessssirrrrr they got king size!!' He fought the temptation to take handfuls looked around and said 'they probably got cameras... I apologize in advance but I gotta take two I just can’t, I can’t resist Reeses I apologize in advance!' I laughed so much at his reaction, but most importantly he warmed my heart with his honesty and apology. The video was too good not to share. I took to social media in search of Dominic to reward him with more of his favorite candy for being honest, comical, apologetic, and overall a great kid! Within minutes his mom reached out to me. She apologized for him taking two I told her he should have taken more. We were both shocked at the attention the video was getting. I met with Dominic, his Mom, and the rest of his family later Monday evening to give him his goodies. He was delighted and thankful for the extra treats! This is a Halloween we both will never forget."

Location Berlin, Connecticut, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Kayla Lalles
Posted On Nov-4-2021