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Paddling With the Pugs

Occurred on June 27, 2022 / Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

Info from Licensor: "We live with three senior pugs in a very unique area of Canada called the West Kootenays. Every day we enjoy going for a paddle in our inflatable kayak on Kootenay Lake with the grumble (three or more pugs in a pack is called a grumble, my parter and I are a content creator team and our business and community is called Grumble Farm.) We have three matching yellow highlighter lifejackets for them that keep them safe and it makes them look like a bunch of bananas. This video is a clip of them enjoying their daily paddle with us while my partner "The Pug Paddler" (we also call him our Pugtographer) paddles us around before one of our pugs decides she wanted to be Rose from the Titanic and started climbing up on me. "I'm flying!" We are out here in the Kootenays doing everything we can for these three pugs to enjoy the best of their senior years and our daily banana boat paddle on the lake is one of our favourite go-to activities together as a family. While we've been doing this together for three seasons now, this video is actually our first outing of the 2022 summer season with many more to come."
Location Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada
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Posted By Brandy Chalmers
Posted On Jun-28-2022