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Baby Boy Makes a Mess of Mom's Makeup

Occurred on January 9, 2019 / Findlay, Ohio, USA

Info from Licensor: "18-month-old Ezra is obsessed with makeup. His mom sells cream foundation and Ezra found Mom's giant artist palette full of colors in her bedroom. He knows where makeup, or as he calls it,'kaypup', goes. So, he used his finger to put it all over his face. It was in the middle of the afternoon in a homeschooling house with 4 children. He used a lot of the darkest foundation color and bronzer, so he ended up with quite the dark brown face! After taking the makeup away, mom 'interviewed' him in the tub before she stripped him down and cleaned him up. Ezra is all smiles and clearly amused. Mom asked Ezra, 'What did you do?' Ezra just repeated, 'do.' When mom asked, 'Did you get in the makeup?' Ezra shook his head 'no' and said 'kaypup.' Mom also asks about the makeup he ate because she sees it in his teeth. Ezra repeats 'teeth' and you can clearly see the makeup in his bottom 2 teeth. After the video, Ezra got all cleaned up and mom was able to mostly salvage her palette."

Location Findlay, Ohio, USA
Occurred Jan-9-2019
Posted By Mary Bowman
Posted On Feb-7-2019