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Firefighter Falls Through Burning Roof in Fresno California

Occurred on March 29, 2015 / Fresno, California, USA

Info From Licensor: "One of the scariest moments I've had to experience. I'm still feeling lighthearted. We were in our backyard when we saw smoke in the distance, a few houses down from ours, around 1PM. We went over thinking it wasn't too big of a deal. We were one of the few who arrived at the scene first. The house is known for being a meth/druggie house. The fire was much worse than we thought. Within 5 minutes, 3 fire trucks arrived. Everybody was getting set up to put out the fire and that's when the captain went into the roof to ventilate the house. He used his tool a few times in different areas of the roof. After 3-4 times, he pushed his tool into the roof over the garage. As soon as he put it in, the roof collapsed. It took about 5 minutes to get him out and he suffered many burns throughout his body from what we could tell. My heart goes out to you and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you firefighters for all that you do. You are greatly appreciated.
Location Fresno, California, USA
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Posted On Mar-30-2015


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