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Wheel Roller Exercise

Occurred on October 13, 2023 / Zhouzhou, Hebei, China

Info: The video shooter stands on a bench and uses a curl wheel towards the ground to first reach the bottom and flatten his body, and then later holds the position to curl up from the bottom, showing off his amazing core strength.
This footage was filmed by Xue Haichen. Some netizens in the comment section also copied his workout routine and shared the results of their own attempts. Obviously, ordinary people with no fitness experience can't withstand this series of moves, and some of them knocked out their teeth while trying, while others suffered facial or head injuries. Many netizens used their personal experiences to warn those who want to try it not to do so.

Location Zhouzhou, Hebei, China
Occurred Oct-13-2023
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Apr-2-2024