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Discriminatory Dispute Over New Walmart Receipt Check Policy

Occurred on July 18, 2021 / Tiffin, Ohio, USA

Info from Licensor: My name is Antonio. I am a local Seneca County Ohio Resident. I was shopping for outdoor stuff mainly trying to find the right backpack to fit a change of clothes, some food for the night, and a pay pal card. At some point I had too much to carry so I had to take all the hangers out of my items and fold them so I could carry them. At that point I had seen a man follow me aisle to aisle; this ain’t my first time but you can always tell what a secret shopper looks like. I continue grabbing items all the way till check out I notice workers staring at me talking and pointing. As I bagged my items and proceeded to the door I didn’t even get to the alarm for them to ask for my receipt and the same guy following me stops me, identifies himself like he has a higher power over me, and tells me to give my receipt to the worker that was next to him. This man then says as of the 10th there is a new Walmart policy that allows them to check receipts. Immediately I’m dumbfounded so my first reaction was to record this new policy. At some point the man accused me of stealing mind you; I just spent $140 inside Walmart and as you can see in the video still have a good amount of cash in my pocket. In the footage, you can see the lady only check receipts after I pointed out that she wasn’t and she even let a person with no receipt go. He continues to tell me to give up my receipt while the lady tries to touch my personal items I just purchased. At this point I know it’s a catch 22 if I leave I’ll look guilty of what they suspect me of so I tell them to call the local PD so they can let me go on about my night. At that point, I see my brother Mateo walk in who is highly educated with criminal law knowledge immediately he points out they can not hold me against my will. Officers finally arrive on the scene and shake his head at the secret shopper also knowing they have no authority to hold me in their store. The officer then tells the man to go check the footage to see the suspected theft while he matches the receipt with the items in my bag. The officer says it checks out and I’m free to go we walk out and the secret shopper comes up to the officer and me and says no crime had been committed. My question for Walmart is if this is a new policy it should be posted somewhere in customer view especially if they can’t trust their self check out system maybe they should go back to them bagging my items for me. I feel I was unlawfully detained I felt and feel unwelcome, I feel profiled, I feel harassed, I feel publicly embarrassed all for 35 minutes that I will never be able to get back from my life. I am a Mexican American with neck and arm tattoos I will be a voice for those who can’t be a voice. I hope nobody else has to go thru these situations cause not all the time is the world watching but I made it possible. I do plan to pursue legal action against Walmart but they are a Fortune 500 and they will just ban me cause they can or forever treat me other than a welcomed guest. Thank you Viral Hog.
Location Tiffin, Ohio, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Antonio Navarro
Posted On Jul-20-2021


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