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Pregnancy Announcement Surprise at Dinner

Occurred on November 30, 2017 / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "After 4 years of trying for a baby, Matt and I decided to try IVF. As expected, my parents were our greatest fans. We had completed IVF and learned the results so we decided to have my parents over for dinner to surprise them. Keeping in mind, the bib and the onesie were not surprising as we have been talking about baby items and collecting them in advance. Being in their 70's, it's also been a while since they have seen a pregnancy test. They did not know what a pregnancy test looked like so it still did not give it away. Their glasses were not with them either so they couldn't see well. After the confusion, they were thrilled to find out that we are pregnant and they are so excited for the baby."

Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occurred Nov-30-2017
Posted By Rosa Sou
Posted On Feb-7-2018