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UFOs Off the North Carolina Coast

Occurred on November 20, 2018 / North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was fishing on the beach at Cape Lookout on the evening of Tuesday, November 20, around 8PM and was there about an hour with nothing unusual happening. Around 9PM I rebaited my hooks, cast them out into the surf, and walked back to my chair. When I turned back to the ocean, I saw a light in the sky. The light is very bright, stationary, and silent. Over the course of the next hour it faded in and out, as well as sometimes becoming multiple lights. Once it went away completely for about 20 minutes and then reappeared much closer to my position. This video is from that time range. Again, once it appeared, it would fade in and out and become up to four lights at once, but never changed its overall position."

Location North Carolina, USA
Occurred Nov-20-2018
Posted By Chris Larkin
Posted On Nov-29-2018