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Cat owner goes double rainbow when Bengal kitten swims on beach

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Info: We have taken Diego on holiday with us since he was a kitten, he was 4 months old in this clip. Our extended family were enjoying a swim at a secluded beach so we had Diego with us on a light lead. He followed our daughter (heard in video) into the water of his own accord and as you can quite clearly hear (!) he walked along and then started swimming. The excited shouting by husband and daughter was to alert other members of the family who were further down the beach. We were fully aware that Bengals supposedly like water, however after viewing other clips on YouTube, thought our video was pretty unique, given that Diego was not put in water and made to swim, rather he chose to walk in and take a swim in the sea. It should be noted that the water was both perfectly still and very warm. We haven’t been to another beach suitable for him to try out swimming in (without waves crashing and dogs running around) since then, however he plays in ponds and with running tap water.

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Posted By Michelle Holmes
Posted On May-15-2015