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Race Runners Slip On Muddy Road

Occurred on April 4, 2024 / Enshi, Hunan, China

Info: Two friends were racing down a muddy country road to determine who was faster. However, they both fell halfway down the road due to the slippery conditions and obstructing each other during the run. This footage was filmed by Zhou Zhizhao, in Enshi, Hunan, China, at 2:00pm, on April 4, 2024. Racing on muddy river trails is unwise due to the slippery silt and uneven paths that increase the risk of falls. The man in white attempted to overtake his rival around the bend, but he slipped and fell as he accelerated. The man in blue tripped over the head of the fallen man in white and fell on top of him. The race ended in a humorous way.

Location Enshi, Hunan, China
Occurred Apr-4-2024
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On May-17-2024