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Black Bear Bread Burglar

Occurred on August 23, 2017 / Sevierville, Tennessee, USA

Info from Licensor: "While on a family vacation in the Smokey Mountains, we spent the day at the Smokey Mountains National park in hopes to see wildlife in their natural habitat. We cruised through the park with our family split up into three cars. We stopped at all the stops along the way but did not see much of anything. We returned to our cabin that afternoon a little disappointed that we didn't get to see more wildlife. Once our family was in the cabin, my husband began to unload the car of our picnic cooler and food. On a second trip out to the the car, he returned to the cabin yelling, 'Hey, you guys wanted to see a bear right?' At that point we all ran to the side porch of the cabin. We watched in amazement as this black bear grabbed a loaf of bread from our trunk and stood up on it's back legs holding the bread ever so gently. Then it proceeded to squeeze through the fence and disappeared over the bank. Just moments later he returned walking on all fours along the back side of the fence toward the cabin porch we were standing on. The bear stopped briefly to paw at the dumpster then squeezed back through the fence and proceeded across the driveway to the wooded area. The next morning we went out to check our car, and the bear had returned, leaving claw marks on the bumper of our rental car. Seeing this amazing creature up close and personal was truly unforgettable for our family!"
Location Sevierville, Tennessee, USA
Occurred Aug-23-2017
Posted By Cindy Layton
Posted On Sep-19-2017


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