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Cute Moose Calf Cuddled to Sleep

Occurred on March 2021 / Dals Ed, Sweden

Info from Licensor: Meet our moose calf called Moosen. She is 8 weeks old. She was abandoned by her moose mother so we adopted her. We try our best to give her lots of love. Moosen loves to be cuddled to sleep. Sleeping on the lap is the best and she really falls in deep sleep. She has lots of cute moose dreams. She is twitching due to the deep REM sleep.

Dalslands Moose Ranch is a small family business that was started in 2004. It was founded on rescuing moose calves without mothers and today we have many generations of moose. We are open all year around for guests who want to meet the majestic king of the Scandinavian forest."

Location Dals Ed, Sweden
Occurred not known
Posted On Apr-15-2021