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UK Bunning's Snag Review

Occurred on February 5, 2017 / Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Info from Licensor: "I'm an Aussie food blogger living in London. Bunnings Hardware stores sausage sizzles are famous all across Australia, its a big part of our culture and very much a tradition! The hardware store is more known for its snags (aussie slang for sausages) than the hardware itself! Bunnings have just opened their first store in Hertfordshire UK, so I drove an hour out of London to check out the signature Aussie sausage sizzle and make sure they are doing us Aussies proud! After a very long drive with bumper to bumper traffic, to my delight the sausage sizzle was in full swing. I got myself two snags with onion and BBQ sauce (some may say BBQ sauce with a snag is a sin, the traditional condiment is tomato sauce). I gave the snag a 10/10; it was wonderfully juicy and well cooked! I had a great time at Bunnings and was feeling so inspired I even got my groove on in one of the aisles!"

Location Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Occurred Feb-5-2017
Posted On Feb-6-2017