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Motorcycle Run for Boy's Birthday

Occurred: January 7, 2017 / Eaton, Western Australia

Info from Licensor: "The mother of a local boy, Zane, who has cerebral palsy put a post up asking if someone with a Harley could drive past the Mcdonald's on Friday lunchtime and do a few revs. Her son who is non verbal would be excited and loved loud bikes. A heap of people offered to go, we planned to meet a block away and all show up together. There were over 100 bikes that rode past Zane all revving as loud as we could, he was so excited! He also receive heaps of Harley merchandise and cash was placed in his hand by many strangers. It was a 13th birthday he will never forget."
Location Eaton, Western Australia
Occurred not known
Posted By Melissa Jane Bell
Posted On Jan-7-2017


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