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Drama In WalMart Parking Lot

Basically some crazy guy rammed his truck full speed into a parked SUV. Apparently the crazy guy thinks the SUV has been following him. The SUV is actually owned by a big o' Walmart employee.So my coworker and I get out of the car and walk towards the store when we here the truck rev up and wheels sequel. We look over to see the truck ram the SUV. I get the camera out and start videoing. Here are some highlights:

1.22 - you can hear the owner of the SUV yelling when he comes out and sees his SUV.
5.20 - fire is hot
7.03 - you can hear the cop ask if the SUV owner knows the crazy guy, the answer is pretty funny.
7.55 - you see the crazy guy
9.40 - I interview an "expert" witness

Unless you are really bored I don't recommend watching the entire video. Especially since I sound like an idiot throughout it.
Location Daphne, Alabama
Occurred not known
Posted By Dustin Andrews
Posted On Apr-30-2015