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Reckless Driver Cuts off Cars and Causes Accident

Occurred on October 12, 2018 / Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Info from Licensor: "The video is my dash camera footage of a vehicle, a Mercedes Benz AMG undertaking 3 vehicles, cutting in on the front vehicle between them and a small truck. I can only assume the vehicle that was cut off either beeps their horn or flashes their headlights. The Mercedes then brake checks the vehicle causing traffic behind to close up, then he brakes hard causing the 3 following vehicles to have to brake urgently resulting in car 2 running into the back of car 1, and car 3 narrowly avoiding car 2 and my vehicle. The Mercedes then accelerates away gesturing to the trailing vehicles as they pull over to assess their damage."

Location Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Occurred Oct-12-2018
Posted By Michael Smith
Posted On Oct-15-2018