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Foster Kitten Ozzie Is Nicknamed Squeaks for a Reason

Occurred on February 21, 2023 / Tokyo, Japan

Info from Licensor: I have been fostering this kitten since she was born and she always squeaks with excitement whenever I come into the room after not seeing her for a while. It was the cutest, sweetest thing, so I started calling her 'Squeaks.' Now that she's bigger, she likes to climb up on this shelf by the front door and, when I get home at night, I sometimes get greeted with big squeaks like this. This night in particular she was doing squeaks and little head tilts like she was about to flip over. It was so cute and sweet.

The good news about Squeaks: she and her sister Eddie are being adopted by a lovely couple in west Japan and they will be going to their forever home very soon!

About my foster cats: I am from the US where animal shelters are very common, but they are not as common in Japan where I live now. So I foster cats with a group called Japan Cat Network, which helps find homes for cats living on the street throughout the country. They rely on a lot of foster homes because they don't have shelter space. Ozzie and Eddie and their three other sisters were born from a street cat called Patty who has since been spayed and is now up for adoption as well.

Location Tokyo, Japan
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Posted On Mar-13-2023