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Dog Unafraid of Cliff, Fears Stairs

Occurred on June 2023 / Ski, Norway and Bergen, Norway

Info from Licensor: "My dog loves water and we didn´t realize the risks he was willing to take in order to reach the lake. Mine and my sister´s souls left our bodies as we thought he jumped to his death, resulting in an hilarious inwards scream from me and a really loud, hilarious scream from my sister. Our dog gracefully made it down the cliff. A moment of silence after the scream makes the echoes from the scream even more funny and loud. And when we realized how dramatic we were acting, we broke down laughing. In the next clip (same video) you can see our dog in a different scenario being a drama queen himself, when he is terrified of walking down some regular stairs. Credit: @iamlinejust"

Location Ski, Norway and Bergen, Norway
Occurred not known
Posted By Line Just
Posted On Apr-3-2024