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Female Crab Eats Young on the Run

Occurred on December 31, 2018 / Christmas Island, Australia

Info from Licensor: "Every year, 50 million Christmas Island red crabs migrate from their jungle homes out to the coast to spawn their eggs into the sea in a spectacular event, timed with the tides and a special phase of the moon. The baby crabs drift around out at sea for the first month of their life and if they are lucky, the currents bring them back to Christmas Island. If some spawning crabs decide to migrate a month late, aiming for the same tide a month later, occasionally you'll have this remarkable situation of pregnant female crabs coming down to the coast to spawn at the same time as last months baby crabs are coming back out of the water in a living red carpet heading into the jungle. Amazingly, filming this crab on her way down to spawn, she was stopping along the way to feast on the tiny returning crabs, popping them into her mouth like popcorn! Incredible! The dark side of nature!"

Location Christmas Island, Australia
Occurred Dec-31-2018
Posted By Chris Bray
Posted On Feb-19-2019