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Wild Octopus Makes Friends With Diver

Occurred on February 12, 2022 / Martinique, Caribbean

Info from Licensor: "Cara and Eddie are a married couple sailing the Caribbean on their sailboat. They left the US 3 years ago thinking they were going to sail to the Bahamas and then realized they loved it so much that they would just keep going. Cara is an avid diver and spends most of her day swimming right off of her boat. She always seems to find her favorite sea creatures...octopuses... wherever she is. Or as she says, 'Octopus find me, not the other way around.' After a few hours with a new octopus friend, she will gain their trust and does this over and over again. But, this little octopus, Oaki (she named him after her grandson Oakley since she found him on his birthday) has proved to be a very special and inquisitive octopod. His intelligence and curiosity are unique even for a clever species like octopi. But Oaki's willingness to play, interact and bond with Cara shows quite a special friendship."

Location Martinique, Caribbean
Occurred not known
Posted By Cara Fucci
Posted On Feb-23-2022