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Dashcam Captures Rollover Crash on Utah Highway

Occurred on January 27, 2024 / Utah, USA

Info from Licensor: "Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024, my girlfriend and I were traveling north on SR-59 leaving Hurricane, UT headed toward Kanab, UT at about 2:00 pm. We were traveling around 70 mph when we came around a curve and saw a black Toyota swerve toward us and then back the other way, hit an embankment, and lift off the ground, and flip. The car was completely mangled as it came to a stop.

I stopped my car immediately and told my girlfriend, "I have to go help them," and jumped out of our car. In the bottom left, you can see me put my arm out hoping that traffic would stop as I crossed the road toward their car.

The car was upside down and turned around. I yanked on the door while asking if anybody could hear me. I heard a guy respond that he could hear me. As I got the door open, he was already out of his seatbelt and I helped get him out of the vehicle. I walked him to the other side of the road and asked if he was injured. He said he was okay, but had some blood on him.

A few minutes passed and he said “What about her, is she okay? In the confusion, it didn't occur that someone else was in the vehicle. I said "There is someone else in the car?” And he said, "The driver is still in there."

I ran back to the car and went to the other door and banged on it asking if anyone could hear me, but didn't hear a response. The door was wedged shut and I couldn’t open it, so I went back to the side I pulled him from and climbed in. The driver, a lady in her 30s, was hanging upside down with the seatbelt holding her in extremely tight. She was scared and crying, so I reassured her and asked if she was injured. She said she didn't know. I tried to calm her and told her I’d get her out. I ran back to my car, got a knife, and went back into the crashed car and cut her out of her seatbelt and pulled her out.

A couple other people had stopped to redirect traffic while I was getting her out as this was on a really busy stretch of highway in an area with bad cell phone reception.

The police got there and asked if they needed medical care and both the passenger (male, 40s) and driver (female, 30s) declined medical treatment. I filled out a report for the police and left the scene.

It was a miracle that these people walked away from this and the people that stopped to help keep me from getting hit were just incredible."

Location Utah, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Jessie Hartsell
Posted On Feb-1-2024