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Mobility scooter gone wild

Occurred on June 17, 2015 / Eccles, Manchester, UK
Info from Liscensor:

"Me and my friend Adam were on our way to the local supermarket to get some food for our dinner, we approached a set of lights to find a man drifting along the road on a mobility scooter. After driving past him I got my phone out to record him in the hope we would see him again, with luck he did. Well not past us he cut us up at the next set of lights. So I got my phone out to record, out of nowhere the man started riding the mobility scooter on two of its four wheels, swerving across the road into a busy junction and through a red light almost getting hit by a car."  

Location Eccles, Manchester UK
Occurred not known
Posted By Jack O'hanlon
Posted On Jun-18-2015