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Three Strangers and a Dog

Occurred on January 13, 2020 / Washington, D.C., USA

Info from Licensor: "I live in Arlington, VA and work in Silver Spring, MD. I have several routes to get there, but I decided to use Rock Creek Park.

While exiting the park, I saw this guy looking far ahead with a leash in his hand. I thought it was weird. I kept driving because I did not think there was much for me to do. When I reached the exit, I saw this beautiful dog following the car in front of me.

I instantly connected the dog with the man I saw moments ago because it's weird to see dogs by themselves in the city. The lady in front of me got out. I told her to wait there that I was going back to alert the man about his dog. The man said he had been looking for the dog for an hour. We reunited them."

Location Washington, D.C., USA
Occurred Jan-13-2020
Posted By Jossmar Castillo
Posted On Jan-17-2020