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Eruption of Volcán Santiaguito in Guatemala July 1st, 2016

Occurred on July 1, 2016 / Volcan Santiaguito, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Info from Licensor: "It was 5:50 am when our group of friends and family began the trek to the viewpoint of Santiaguito volcano. The walk took place on the western side of the Santa Maria volcano, which is located in the South Western region in Guatemala, on July 1st, 2016. We arrived at the lookout at approximately 8:30 am. After 4 days of Santiaguito volcano idle, suddenly emerges a major eruption, in fact one of the largest. We were excited because we were eager to see how mother nature." - Betel Aracely Ramirez Matute

Location Volcan Santiaguito, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Occurred Jul-1-2016
Posted On Jul-5-2016