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Orca Approaches Fishing Boat

Occurred on July 28, 2023 / Hoonah-Angoon, Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "An orca swims by the fishermen's boat. We (AJ, Ruben, and myself) were fishing in Alaska catching halibut, anchored in 225 feet of water. I was filming a pod of orcas just off the front of our boat when my buddy AJ yelped. I turned to see a 4’ fin coming directly at us from the rear of the boat, just as I was reeling up a small halibut. I didn’t want to hook the orca, so I reeled as fast as I could while I continued to film. The little halibut was just out of his reach as they both got to the boat at the same time. The orca slowed as he neared the boat, eventually coming to a stop directly beneath our boat. I pulled the fish into the boat and as I unhooked it, I asked my buddies where he (the orca) was. They said 'he’s under the boat,' so I looked over the side and sure enough, there was a giant killer whale lying on his side, motionless, about 10 feet under the boat, looking up at me with one eye. I still had the little halibut in my hand, so I dropped it back in the water, hoping that was all he wanted, but the fish swam right by the orca. I picked up my camera and got another video of the whale as he rolled out from under the boat and went on his way. We all took a deep breath and continued to fish."

Location Hoonah-Angoon, Alaska, USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Marc Matson
Posted On Aug-16-2023