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Bear Climbs Balcony for Surprise Visit

Occurred on May 8, 2018 / Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was upstairs at my parents'home cooking dinner when I noticed my cats looking out the back window leading to the small upstairs balcony. Usually, there are just squirrels and birds coming by captivating the cats, but I checked outside anyway. I looked through the door window and saw a large bear straddling one of the tree branches on the tree that leads up to the balcony. I thought it was a person who had climbed the tree until I got a closer look. The bear was only there briefly and I'd never gotten the chance in my nine years living here to see one this close, so I pulled out my phone because I knew my husband and parents would get a kick out of knowing a bear had been up on the balcony. This happened in the southern part of Anchorage, Alaska. It's more common to see wildlife in the less populated, wooded areas where they can retreat from people who hassle them."

Location Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Occurred May-8-2018
Posted By Sarah Holland Bull
Posted On May-10-2018