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Raven Imitates Dog-like Sounds

Occurred on October 25, 2023 / Mizzy Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

Info from Licensor: "I was hiking the Mizzy Lake trail in Algonquin Park. When I stopped for lunch, I was visited by this raven, which swooped down from out of nowhere. After a brief chat (me saying hello, and the raven replying with various clicks and beeping noises), I noticed it trying to circle around me to get between me and my backpack (snacks). It started to then make this noise which so closely resembles a dog barking, which I believe was its intimidation factor to try and scare me off! After a few minutes and no success, the raven flew off into a nearby tree and continued to bark as I walked off. After this encounter, I did some research. Ravens and wolves are very closely connected, so it could have possibly even learned this noise from a pack of wolves!"

Location Mizzy Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Occurred not known
Posted By Zachary Fronchak
Posted On Nov-2-2023