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Kitty with Feline Dwarfism Relaxes on the Couch

Occurred March 2013 / Mantova, Italy

Info From Licensor: "My cat's name is Michele and she's three years old. I adopted her when she was just two weeks old and everything was fine. Suddenly, her health started getting worse and in the turn of a month, she was paralyzed. Therapy wasn't successful and no one seemed to understand the origin of her condition. A highly specialized vet visited to look at her and achieved the miracle. He diagnosed her with feline dwarfism, a rare genetic syndrome whose symptoms revealed in a very strong form when she had her first vaccination. The acute phase is now overcome, but some important consequences occurred such as her leg bones are disjointed with buttock. Her physical growth arrested when she was just a few months old, as the illness arose. Now, she's fine. She can walk and run in her awkward way! She can't jump, but this is not a problem because she's learned to call humans for help whenever she needs to go onto the couch or onto the bed." - Elisa Artioli

Location Mantova, Italy
Occurred not known
Posted By Elisa Artioli
Posted On May-23-2016