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Cackling After Curtain Crashes

Occurred on October 27, 2023 / Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Chile

Info from Licensor: "Valentina did not feel like sleeping, so she decided to go to her friend's room to convince her to sleep later. Aracelli told her to go to bed and Valentina spoke to her in a funny tone telling her she didn't even want to go to bed, during which the friend insisted. Valentina had the idea of climbing onto her friend's bed and she noticed the curtain pole looked like a bar, referring to gym exercises. Aracelli told her that the stick was made of wood and Valentina graciously told her it wasn't. Valentina had the idea of hanging, thinking that she could do exercise bars. Aracelli told her she would fall off, and just when she told her, the stick could not withstand Valentina's weight and fell dazzlingly! Aracelli couldn't stop laughing when she saw the fall, and she began to laugh in an extremely funny and unrestrained way, showing that she has a very funny, addictive, and unusual laugh."

Location Viña del mar, Valparaíso, Chile
Occurred not known
Posted By Valentina Rojo
Posted On Nov-1-2023