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Great Cow Escape

Occurred on February 8, 2018 / Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Info from Licensor: "It was a regular cold winter day. I happened to be coming back to campus, then suddenly out of nowhere, my friend yelled if I saw a certain cow. I normally have a reflex of recording everything I think is funny and posting it on Snapchat, so I took my phone out to record. The cow had been running up the street and was really far away. I never thought the cow would get so close to a very popular building. The cow was just not having it and didn't want to be corralled. I assumed the cow escaped from the agricultural or animal sciences building just a few blocks down. Eventually, the cow ran back towards those buildings in the north direction out of my sight."

Location Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Occurred Feb-8-2018
Posted On Feb-9-2018