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Never Hike the Mud Flats

Info From Licensor: "We hiked out into the mud flats at low tide near Chugach National Forest off Highway 1. We were ignorant of the fact that in this area of Alaska the tide surge is normally between 16 and 30 feet. We were just taking photos and enjoying the view when I turned around to look back toward the road when I realized there was about 100 yards of cold fast moving water where we had just been walking and we were now on a fast disappearing island.
Me: "Umm, we're on an Island"
She looks to see what I'm seeing
Wife: "Uhhhh, what do we do?
Me: "We RUN."
I started shooting video once I realized my lady was ok and that I wasn't going to be swept away into the sea. You can see a car that had pulled over to make sure we didn't die(or possibly to get a video for LiveLeak if we did die). We later talked to locals who all told us that our dumbasses were lucky to be alive."
Location: Alaska
Occurrence Date: August 8, 2014

Location Turnagain Arm, Alaska
Occurred not known
Posted By Brendon Stutzman
Posted On Feb-1-2016