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Woman Leaves Snacks and Special Request for FedEx Delivery Drivers

Occurred on June 14, 2022 / USA

Info from Licensor: "I ordered myself a new bed and pre-planned the delivery during check-out. I scheduled it to be delivered Tuesday because I made plans to put it together Wednesday. Due to a last-minute schedule change, I had to work the day of my delivery and it was too late to update the delivery date (and I wasn’t aware you could make special delivery requests, like ‘leave it on the back porch’ directly through the FedEx site). I decided to take a chance and write a note, asking the FedEx delivery driver to deliver my bed to my back porch. As a “Thank You,” I gathered snacks and a drink and left it for them on my porch. The video captures 2 FedEx delivery drivers bringing my package to my front door and finding my note. They made the delivery to my back porch, grabbed a drink and snack for the road, and thanked me on my Ring Doorbell camera. As a TikTok Creator (@BIGMOUTHBITCHIN), I decided to post the video in hopes of finding the FedEx Drivers, and I did! Aaron and Dailan were very appreciative of my kindness, and I was blown away by theirs!"

Location USA
Occurred not known
Posted By Malarie Hamilton
Posted On Jun-18-2022