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Trucker Smashes Corolla Unknowingly

Occurred on December 29, 2017 / Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Info from Licensor: "The corolla had already stopped at the light and the truck was slowing down. At the last second the corolla signaled in even though it was a solid line. The trucked stopped just inches and we were stopped for like 10 seconds. This means the initial beginning of the video, we were all stopped like that for about 10 seconds. Since we were stopped I wanted to get a picture and put it on my snap story on how close they were. Once the light turned green, the truck took off and didn’t see the corolla or feel it. The truck driver had construction ear muffs on, because the engine was so loud, I'm assuming. The truck stopped maybe a second or two after I was done recording. I sent it in to the police department and the news."

Location Framingham, Massachusetts, USA
Occurred Dec-29-2017
Posted By Lenny Chroek
Posted On Jan-1-2018