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Rescued Raccoon Pup Purrs for Belly Scratches

Occurred on July 4, 2021 / Canada

Info from Licensor: "This guy fell from a tree at about 2 weeks old and abandoned for almost 48 hours. He was rescued and brought to a foster wildlife rehabber that would still take raccoons to be fed and nurtured. They have to be handled a lot when they are still being bottle fed and, especially the single babies, thrive on being touched and groomed.
He is wildlife and will be rehabbed and released by the end of the summer when he is weaned and mature. Once weaned, human contact becomes less and less and they do go "wild" before release. We nicknamed this guy Dwayne "The Racc" Johnson because he is one tough little dude."
Location Canada
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Posted By Nikki Robinson
Posted On Jul-12-2021


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