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Tesla Supercharger Confrontation

Occurred on October 20, 2018 / Santa Ana, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "We arrived with all of the stalls full. We waited about 15-20 mins before a lady leaving the mall offered us her stall. Another driver approached my boyfriend, who owns the Tesla, and said that he had been waiting for that stall. He took that one and we waited and parked for maybe five more minutes, debating whether or not we would leave. We parked in a red zone waiting until the next spot opened up. When the stall opened, we pulled in and my boyfriend plugged the charger in and got back in the car. The other owner drove up to where we were charging, got out and pounded on the back of the car. My boyfriend got out and they both started arguing about who arrived first. He had just pulled up about five minutes before the stall we were waiting for opened up. Another car left and he pulled into the spot next to us. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was on the phone with the police. We discussed with the dispatcher that the situation had been diffused and didn’t need an officer to come out. He became extremely belligerent and would not stop shouting obscenities at both of us. I began filming at this point. He continued to scream and yell at us 'you want to hit me' and pulled his phone out and took both of our pictures. His wife eventually calmed him down and he paced around for a while and eventually sat in his car. We left after charging about 15 minutes"

Location Santa Ana, California, USA
Occurred Oct-20-2018
Posted By Jayden olson
Posted On Oct-26-2018