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Confrontation on Public Bike Path

Occurred August 3, 2016 / Easton, PA, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was riding my legal ebike in a busy area during rush hour when I saw a bike path I hadn't tried before. Thinking it would be fun, relaxing, and safe, I proceeded politely and at normal bike speeds down the empty path. At the end of the path I saw a woman and a dog. She had her arms stretched across the path like the landing pose of a jumping jack. I stopped well short of her, and she approached me to tell me I was damaging the path she paid a lot of money for. Even after I told her I was legal, she continued to be aggressive. So, I started the camera and explained the law, expecting to de-escalate the situation. She still physically assaulted me by walking into me and pushing me when I would try to leave or go around. Then, when I tried to back up and go the other way, she swings around and holds on to me. I felt trapped and I wanted to get away. I didn't want to hurt her, so I gave her a big shove and rode away as fast as I could. A motorcycle rider saw the whole thing and gave me that 'knowing look' as I rode past. I have minor injuries but no damage to the bike. Both my legs are scraped and bruised. I pulled something in my shoulder pushing her away. I had both a knife and a gun. This lady did the most stupid thing you could do, and she was lucky I'm a sane person and know the meaning of 'reasonable force'. If you think someone is doing something illegal, call the police, don't confront them. I'm buying a can of bear mace. Thanks for watching. Stay safe out there."

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Posted On Aug-7-2016