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A Peculiar Fishing Boat

Occurred on January 15, 2023 / Jingmen, Hubei, China

Info: The fisherman prepared to go fishing in his peculiarly constructed boat. He used a bamboo pole as an oar to steer the boat.
This footage was filmed by Mr. Luo. The boat's structure consists of two compartments, each with a small hull on the left and right. The fisherman is standing on a beam in the center that connects the left and right hulls. The bamboo pole is used to control the boat's forward direction by propping it up on the ground under the water. This kind of boat is locally known as the water dragonfly and is suitable for short-distance fishing.

Location Jingmen, Hubei, China
Occurred Jan-15-2023
Posted By Anonymous user
Posted On Mar-19-2024