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Chihuahua Protests Trump

Occurred on March 8, 2017 / Rosarito, Mexico

Info from Licensor: "Tag'alon is a rescue dog off the streets in Mexico. I named her Tag'alon because everywhere I went that first day we met she was right there beside me tagging along. I have 6 dogs and all of them have been rescued from the streets. She's always trying to show how tough she is. I think that's why she did what she did with the Trump doll. The way she figures she might as well start at the top with the President and work her way down from there. The Donald toy was given to me as a gift from a friend. She never paid much attention to it until he became President and began to appear on TV on a regular basis. Between you and I it was like she was able to connect what Mr. Trump had been saying about women and Mexico and she put two and two together and this was her way of protesting him. She must have really wanted to show that Trump doll who's boss, because she had drug the toy to the middle of the bed and had spun him around, so she could have her fun. Since that day we filmed her, it's become her new favorite toy and new favorite form of exercise, I'm embarrassed to say. In fact, since that day not to long ago I'm pretty sure she's lost an inch around the waistline. She's so obsessed over our new President, that I've had to put the doll up on the shelf to give her a break. I think people like it because it's a little girl dog taking on the big guy in the White House."

Location Occurred on March 8, 2017 / Rosarito, Mexico
Occurred Mar-8-2017
Posted By David Worthy
Posted On Mar-20-2017