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Donut Loves His Nonna

Occurred on August 31, 2022 / Cape Town, South Africa

Info from Licensor: "Donut is a rescue. I got him at 6 months old. He was subdued and quite fearful. I don't know what his background was, although, given the illegally docked tail, we can assume it wasn't good. Nonna's house was our first outing after two days of settling in. Nonna knew that we were coming and came outside with treats and lots of love to try and coax the nervous new addition out of the car. We work at Nonna's house 3 days a week, and Donut continues to put on this command performance every time we leave. His way of showing how much he loves Nonna."

Location Cape Town, South Africa
Occurred not known
Posted By Angie Müller
Posted On Nov-24-2023